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    The Epoxy Expert

    ARCOR® Epoxy, Inc. has been a leading provider of industrial restorative technologies since 1982.

  • ARCOR® Epoxy, Inc

    Designer and Manufacturer of Speciality Coatings

    ARCOR® ensures the stringent quality control standards necessary to provide superior performance in today’s highly aggressive industrial environments.

  • Low Viscosity Epoxy Coating

    Chemical Resistant for Flooring

    ARCOR® Epoxies produce a tough, chemical resistant coating on all types of concrete substrates, asphalts or steel.

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Arcor Products

Protective epoxy systems from ARCOR® offer the ultimate in performance for a wide range of applications.

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Epoxy Applications

From nuclear power plants to chemical containment find superior performance that only 100%-solids “Novolac” epoxy systems can provide.

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Case Studies

Explore recent industrial case studies where Arcor Epoxy provided solutions to problems.

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About the Industry

Epoxy resins are low molecular weight pre-polymers or higher molecular weight polymers.


Epoxy Technologies

Epoxy Technologies

Epoxy coatings are used because of their outstanding chemical resistance, extreme durability, low porosity and strong bond strength.


About ARCOR®

Arcor Team

What do we do at ARCOR®? Learn about our design and manufacturing of high performance epoxy coatings .


Product Documentation


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